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business bank accounts

Why Us?

Through our network of leading European banking partners, we open IBAN accounts in multiple currencies and deliver global payment services to business clients.

Dedicated IBAN accounts for your company


Full SEPA and Swift Connectivity

business bank accounts


Our independence and experience enable us to bring an objective view to the complexities of opening and maintaining multi-currency bank accounts.

Unlike other providers, we offer consolidated payment services. Our ability to open accounts with various banks makes us more responsive to the needs of your business, whether it be in providing an industry specific solution, local settlement capabilities or discounted currency conversion.

We are also driving innovation in the sector through technology, consolidating the services of different banks using a single, simple and comprehensive Online Payment System. This provides a unified and holistic approach to managing business funds.


Multi-currency, dedicated IBAN accounts issued in the name of your company and held at reputable European banks.

Our comprehensive online platform and customisable signatory permissions allow you to take full control of your business balances and payments.

business bank accounts
seamless payments

Seamless Payments

Receiving funds from customers or payment processors and paying suppliers worldwide is quick and easy with HighPay's access to full Swift, SEPA and Faster Payments enabled accounts.

Our global banking partners specialise in cross-border payments which means that you can expect a quick and efficient payment process, every time.

Exchange Currencies

Exchanging currencies through the HighPay platform allows for a quick conversion with some of the best rates on the market. Businesses can save thousands each year by cutting the costs of conversion when paying foreign suppliers.

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secure bank account


HighPay work with specially selected partners so you can be sure that your funds are safe at all times. The IBAN accounts we open are held with some of Europe's largest banks. Each hold and maintain their own capital, in accordance with rules set out by the Bank of Englands Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and in compliance with international regulations stipulated in Basel III.

Importantly, the banks that hold your funds operate around settlement and reserve accounts, which hold all client funds on a fully secure and instantly available basis.

About Us

HighPay was born from frustration with the attitudes of the current banking system as well as a recognition that business owners want to open bank accounts quickly and get their product to market in the shortest possible time.

We know that certain businesses need more than a one size fits all approach to banking. They want to know that their business is recognised, understood fully and catered for.

HighPay is here to ensure that good businesses have access to strong and stable banking solutions.